IBV is a global research center specialized in human-product interaction. Our team of researchers, mathematicians and fitting experts aid retailers, brands, designers and manufacturers with the knowledge, skills and advice necessary for them to grow and improve their technological position.

Together with our clients, we develop customized solutions tailored to your needs.

Our consulting services specialize in the application of anthropometrics:
. Generation of human 3D body databases
. Statistical analysis of body measurements and shapes
. Fitting and sizing solutions
. Product development and technical design


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Generation of 3D body databases

IBV supports companies in gathering and analysing 3D body scanning data (whole body, head, foot, hands, etc.) to support product development practices and processes.

What we do:

  • - We plan and execute the survey tailored to the needs of each company
  • - We generate the database and information necessary for its exploitation.

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Shape analysis and statistical avatars

We have anthropometric databases that constitute a valuable resource in itself and an exceptional starting point for consulting work.

What we do:

  • - IBV provides tools and services for the generation of customized avatars representative of population groups or specific sizes.
  • - 3D avatars can be integrated into 3D CAD design tools enabling companies to ensure accurate and consistent product development based on consumer data.

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Fitting and sizing solutions

Our sizing and fit solutions provide a comprehensive approach to improve product quality, increase speed to market and optimize cost-efficiency

What we offer:

  • - Facilities and expertise to perform fitting testing of your products
  • - Modelling of fitting and comfort perception
  • - Optimization of sizing systems and sizing charts for your products
  • - Development of algorithms for fitting and sizing recommendation systems

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Product development and technical design

IBV assists companies in developing products that fit better to the user resulting in better comfort and performance.

What we offer?

  • - We incorporate consumer body data in the complete development cycle: Strategic design, Conceptual design, Detailed design, Validation, Production, distribution and commercialization.
  • - We help companies in the development of customized products

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