Fashion and technical clothing industries aimed at specific and specialized population groups, with growing demands for adaptation and with very differentiated anthropometric characteristics. The shape and measures of the body can vary greatly depending on different parameters such as age, gender or geographical origin. In this way, the analysis of body measures and shapes allows the optimization of sizing systems; that translates into better adaptation to consumers.
For this reason, in recent years, the Instituto de Biomecánica (IBV) has consolidated an R & D line in anthropometry and morphometry for the development of new products and services that has allowed the generation of human body anthropometrical databases (whole body, head, foot, hands, etc.)



Measurements:3D scan of the foot and anthropometric measurements
Population:Men and women (N 1318, Ages: 18-65, year:2004-2005) Kids and children (N 404, Ages: 1-4, Year:2003) Soldiers of the Army ( N 515, Ages: 18-59, Year:2007).
Measurements:Manual anthropometry
Population:Men and women ( N 2788, Ages: 18-90, Year:1995) Kids and children (N 2392, Ages: 1-16, Year:1995) Soldiers of the Army (N 515, Ages: 18-59, Year:2007).


Measurements: 3D scan of the hand and anthropometric measurements
Population: Soldiers of the Army (N 475 , Ages: 18-59, Soldiers of the Army, Year: 2007).
Measurements: Direct anthropometric measurements from 2D image
Population: Women (N 2165, Ages: 12-70, Year:2007-2008).