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The k-means algorithm for 3D shapes with an application to apparel design

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3D-based resources fostering the analysis, use, and exploitation of available body anthropometric data

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Modeling of female human body shapes for apparel design based on cross mean sets

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Looking for representative fit models for apparel sizing

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Exploitation of 3D Body Databases for the Apparel Industry

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Eurofit: Integration, homogenisation and Extension of the Scope of Large 2D Anthropometric Data Pools for Product Development

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Anthropometric survey of the Spanish female population aimed at the apparel industrydesign criteria: a preliminary study

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Prediction model of children footprints growing using geometric morphometric technique design criteria: a preliminary study

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A Footwear Fit Classification Model based on Anthropometric Data design criteria: a preliminary study

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3D foot digitizing and its application to footwear fitting

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A novel approach to define customized functional design solution from user information

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Morphological análisis of the lateral foot shape at different heel heights

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Morphological grouping of Spanish feet using clustering techniques

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