Homology concept

Conducting a shape analysis requires necessary that digital 3D human representations share a common structure to describe shapes.
The approach followed by our research team is to describe the surface of the human shape being represented with the same topology. This means that all the 3D shapes are represented by the same number of points and that make the models homologous among them, which means there is apoint-to-point correspondence.
- Point-to-point correspondence
- Pre-defined and custom body regions
- Pre-defined and custom anatomical body references


Our templates

At present we have developed two template structures that have been optimised for garment, footwear and orthopaedic applications.
Our full body template is made up of 50K vertices (99K faces) and is equipped with a 14-bone skeleton (17 joints). Our foot template is made up of 6K vertices (12K faces).